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About Latitude


Latitude was formed to create a collaborative environment that would serve as a platform from which thoughtful design would spring. We have had the privilege to work throughout New England, the West Indies and Western and Southern US. With over 20 years of collaboration, we provide skillful design, management, and communication skills. All with an in-depth understanding of the technical aspects of construction.


Latitude is equipped to handle projects of varying scale and complexity ranging from high-end residential, restaurants, space planning, condominiums, PUD’s, office buildings and historic restoration. We pride ourselves on the ability to listen to our clients’ needs and preferences then interpret those needs into beautiful architecture.

Our attention to detail is the key to making our clients projects an expression of  art as well as serving their purpose. Latitude does not align itself with a particular architectural style. We allow our clients’ tastes and desires to direct the course of our design. While focusing on a collaborative process, we encourage an openness to new ideas and creative interpretation. We find through this process our clients’ partake in a creative and thought provoking experience that results in a unique, well-crafted, and beautiful project.


Latitude believes that good design has have a positive effect on our daily lives, from site design to the architectural detail. This is the driving force behind Latitude and how we structure the environment that is our office.

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